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Building a new home is a big project where you rely heavily on professional advice to achieve an acceptable outcome.

In most cases, the homeowner has little, if any, building knowledge and relies upon the builder and contractors to complete the building work to an acceptable standard.

This potentially disadvantages the owner who has to rely on just the advice of the builder, even if they suspect something is not right.

Getting a new building construction inspection will help you:

  • Put an expert in your corner
  • Manage your relationship with your builder
  • Ensure you get what you have paid for


New Home Inspection Checklist

There are four key inspection stages which can be carried out for New Home Inspections:

Slab Stage

The slab stage or the base stage inspection is essential in the inspection process. Finished concrete is inspected to ensure there is an even and consistent finish. The surface should not be powdery or flakey. Levels are checked to confirm the slab has been installed within allowable deviation in the over level across and room or the entire build. The edge rebate is checked to ensure it is not “honeycombed” and there is no evidence of steel reinforcement protruding as it must have at least 40mm concrete coverage. The vapour barrier must extend past the poured concrete slab with adequate overlap left so that it extends up the side wall of the slab past the final finished ground level once the construction is completed.


Frame Stage

Frame stage inspections are conducted providing an independent assessment of the works to confirm they have been completed ready for stage payment. Internal checks and company appointed inspections are supported with a fresh and focussed and our review monitors the frame with respect to the approved construction methods stipulated in    Australian Standard 1684.2 and the Engineers design requirements as detailed on the Approved Plans.

The installation of windows and door frames are checked at this stage. Frame positioning in relation to the supporting slab is checked with any overhanging tolerances along with load bearing timbers, lintels and orientation of Jack Studs above openings. Items such as the correct number of timber blocks and their securing method are checked along with all bracing, mechanical fasteners, tie downs and anchors.



At this stage we inspect the roofing that is installed to ensure it is complete and free of defects and damage, all flashings are installed. A visual inspection is carried out to check the installation of Flashings. Brick work is checked for correct installation. All windows and doors are installed with the correct fixings using appropriate blocks and the frame straight, plumb and true.

The installed plaster to the ceilings, wall linings and fitted cornice is checked to ensure it is installed to acceptable standards. Waterproof membrane to showers & wet areas are inspected to ensure they are correctly installed and comply with the requirements of the Building Code.



Handover Inspections require an exhaustive check of the construction. At handover inspection we check that all the work completed “In a proper and workman like manner” ensuring that the workmanship is at an industry standard. The construction of the dwelling needs to reflect the Approved Plans and we check that all components of the building comply with relevant Australian Standards and Building Codes.

Handover or Final stage inspections are also called Practical Completion Inspections (PCI) and Pre Handover Inspections. Handover inspections are generally carried out on new homes when construction of the entire home has been completed and all internal fittings, fixtures and finishes have been installed and applied inside the home compliant with the relevant building plans and specifications.

To arrange a quote or a building inspection for a property, call Jim’s Building Inspections on 131 546.
Or book your New Home Inspection service online.  Reports can be delivered within 24 hours of inspection.


What you get with our new home building inspections:

Report emailed to you within 24 hours covering:

  • Safety Hazards
  • Suspected Non-Compliance
  • Substandard Workmanship
  • Incomplete Works
  • Suspected Non-Compliance with Contracts and Specifications


When should I get it done?

You can engage us at any time during the construction.  However most people engage us as construction commences to complete inspections at all stages of the build.

Or some people choose to have us attend the site just when you have concerns or only at the final handover, prior to making your last payments.

We use the Australian Guide to Standards and Tolerances as the basis for all of our Inspections among other relevant Australian Standards and the National Construction Code.


Renovating or doing an extension?

You may not be undertaking a complete new home build, but the expenditure for some renovations and extensions can be just as costly and in some instances the work is in fact more complex as you integrate the new with the old.

Getting a renovation inspection report will help you:

  • Plan your renovation
  • Prepare scopes of work and consider tenders from subcontractors
  • Monitor the builder or subcontractors work to check for substandard workmanship, incomplete works or suspected non-compliance
  • Approve payments to contractors, if required

By engaging a building inspector to assist you in your relationship with your builder, you are also more likely to head off disagreements and arguments about costs and inclusions.


What you get:

Report emailed to you within 24 hours covering:

  • Safety Hazards
  • Suspected Non-Compliance
  • Substandard Workmanship
  • Incomplete Works
  • Suspected Non-Compliance with Contracts and Specifications



You can engage us from the outset and we can assist you to prepare thorough scopes of works and agreements with your subcontracted trades or builder.

Alternatively we can conduct an inspection prior to any agreed staged payments to ensure all works to date are complete and to the appropriate standard.



Most importantly don’t forget about the risk of disturbing Asbestos Containing Materials during a renovation or extension.

Jim’s Building Inspectors can conduct an Asbestos Identification Inspection including removal of samples for lab analysis and confirmation that various building materials contain Asbestos.  See our Asbestos page for more information.


New Construction Inspection Report


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