Building & Timber Pest Inspection

Jim’s Building Inspections offers Building and Pest Inspections and Reports Australia wide. Our Building Inspectors have local knowledge and the extensive industry experience needed to assist you with your Building Inspection and the detection of Termites or other Timber Pests.

All our Building and Pest Inspectors have public liability and professional indemnity insurance, so you can make your next purchase with complete confidence.

Jim’s can often provide same day Building and Pest Inspection services and provide written reports via email within 24 hours of the inspection being carried out.

Who needs a building and pest inspection?

A building and pest inspection is recommended for:

  • Home Buyers
  • Vendors
  • Property Investors
  • Property Managers
  • Commercial Clients

Why is it Important?

  • Identify safety hazards and major defects
  • Plan your maintenance and repairs
  • Deal with problems in your existing home before they worsen
  • Plan your renovation
  • Identify any damage that has been caused by termites & other timber pests
  • Identify potential asbestos issues


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Different Building Inspection Packages

Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections*

    Package includes:

  • Building inspection report
  • Includes safety hazards
  • Major defects
  • Minor defects
  • Pest Related Damage
  • Visual Asbestos Assessment
Building Inspection

    Package includes:

  • Basic Building Report
  • Safety hazards
  • Major defects
  • Minor defects
Building & Pest Inspections

    Package includes:

  • Building inspection report
  • Safety hazards
  • Major defects
  • Minor defects
  • Pest Related Damage

*Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections – Contact us and ask for a Premium Pre-Purchase Inspection on 131 546.

Which package should I choose?

  • Basic is primarily carried out on apartments above ground floor where there is a low risk of termite or other pest related damage.
  • Standard is our most popular inspection and covers the majority of inspection requirements.
  • Premium is usually selected for buildings over 40 years old that may require upgrades to electrical, plumbing & gas. A licensed plumber and electrician will have to be appointed to conduct the plumbing and electrical component of the inspection.


In most situations, Jim’s Building Inspections can offer same day Building and Timber Pest Inspection service and provide reports via email within 24 hours of the inspection being completed.


Unlike a basic building inspection, Building and Pest Inspections identify the presence of termites and other timber pests, as well as highlighting conditions conducive to future activity. Due to the devastating damage termites can cause, these reports are considered vital in most parts of Australia.

If major defects or termite activity is found, our reports provide the knowledge you need to either avoid purchasing the affected property – saving you from stress and financial loss – or assist in negotiating an appropriate price that factors in corrective action that may need to be taken.

By obtaining a Jim’s Building and Pest Inspection report, our clients are also able to plan ahead and factor in any additional costs such as maintenance, repairs and future renovations. Due to the popularity and necessity of these inspections, we offer the Building and Pest reports combined at a discounted rate – saving you money and helping you to minimize risk.

How much does a building inspection cost?

The prices of building inspection services vary based on the inspection type and the size of the property being inspected (prices may also differ from state to state). Whilst it’s reasonable to look for the cheapest inspection – it may not always result in the best outcomes. It pays to use an inspector with significant experience, the relevant qualifications, specialist equipment, proper insurance and the ability to produce high quality reports.

What areas do we service?

We service the majority of Australia with key locations in metropolitan and regional areas.

What equipment do we use?

We conduct a visual inspection as well as use the following instruments:

  • Moisture meters
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Different scopes and sounding devices

Which specific areas do we inspect?

  • Exterior roof
  • Interior roof
  • Under the floor (if applicable),
  • Interior/exterior of the property
  • Other structures on the site (garages, car ports, sheds),
  • The site itself including factors like drainage, retaining walls and fencing

How long does it take?

  • Depending on the property itself, we generally allow one hour for the inspection.
  • Some take less or more depending on the degree of accessibility and depending on the number of defects found.
  • We then prepare the report and liaise with the client on the findings.
  • The report is usually available within 24 hours of inspection.

What is excluded?

  • Too high – second story roofs can be inspected by arrangement
  • Explanation of title or ownership matters or zoning
  • Issues related compliance with the building regulations and acts
  • Anything below ground (footage, draining, soil conditions)
  • Anything concealed within the walls such as insulation, plumbing and electric wiring