Mould Inspection

Who needs a mould inspection?

  • Home Buyers
  • Property Investors
  • Property Managers
  • Home Owners
  • Renters

Why is it Important?

Mould produces microscopic particles which can become airborne. These particles can be inhaled by humans and animals—which can cause severe health problems. People with compromised immune systems face an increased risk from mould particles.


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Additional Information

Mould falls into the fungi family and can be present in both outdoor and indoor environments. The growth of mould is a result of wet or poorly ventilated areas, which have excessive moisture and are continuously damp. There are various different types of mould—some of which pose serious health risks if not removed.

Common places in the home where mould can develop include bathrooms, wallpaper, tiles, carpet and ceilings. It is also possible that mould growth can incur within insulation materials and wooden structures.

The most common symptoms for those affected by mould include skin irritation, eye irritation, nose irritation, wheezing and asthma attacks. In more serious cases, people can develop a mould infection in the lungs.

We will come to the property and perform a thorough mould inspection to determine the source of the issue. Using specialized equipment, the inspector will take a sample of the mould to gain further insights. A comprehensive report will then be compiled and advice will be given on the next steps in rectifying the conditions causing the mould and mould remediation options available.