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Frequently Asked Question

Why choose us?

Why Jim’s Building Inspections Gold Coast?

Fully Insured – We have a full and comprehensive professional indemnity and public liability insurance as part of our commitment to our clients.

Fast Delivery – Our building inspection reports are carried out on iPads and generally emailed to you within 24 hours of completion.

Australia Wide Network – We are proud of our franchisees and the work they do helping our clients make better purchasing decisions.

Jim's Building Inspections Gold Coast

What is the cost of building inspection?

Cost of Building Inspection Report – Queensland (average range)

Building Type Average Range
Apartment $250 – $300
3 Bed Home $300 – $400
Large House $400 – $500

The above prices are rough estimates and should only be taken as a loose guide.
For accurate pricing please get a free online quote or call us on 131 546.

What is a building inspection?

A building inspection is designed to give you independent and objective advice about the physical state of a building. This advice enables you to make an informed decision, usually about whether to purchase a property or not.

Building inspections are also carried out for the purpose of risk management, new construction management, dispute resolution, insurance claims, compliance with legislation and regulations and to inform renovation and extension decisions.

Whats services do we provide?

Our Melbourne Building Consultants Offer the Following Services

Service Type
Building Inspection
Asbestos Inspection
Dilapidation Report
Handover Inspection
Specialist Inspections



Jim's Building Inspections

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Jim’s Building Inspections Gold Coast

Gold Coast born and bred Jim’s Building Inspections Franchisor Bevan Foster loves waking up each day in such an exciting,  sunshiney part of the world.

With extensive experience in the construction industry Bevan’s career kicked off with a Carpentry/Joinery apprenticeship and quickly progressed to a strong career in Construction Management, running his own consultancy business and finally settling in to a Jim’s Building Inspections Franchise.

Delivering over 5000 building inspection reports each month, Jim’s Building Inspections services all of Australia and New Zealand and is Australia’s largest and fastest growing network of building consultants and inspectors working for:

  1. Home buyers
  2. Vendors
  3. Property Investors
  4. Property Managers and
  5. Commercial clients

Jim’s Building Inspections believes in putting the customer first. This commitment is at the very heart of the businesses success, and one of the most important reasons for the divisions extraordinary growth. Franchisors Bevan and David too believe in this ethos which remains at the forefront of their mind as they deliver an extensive suite of building inspection services to the Gold Coast region.

Services offered include:

  • Building and Pest Inspection
  • Building Inspection
  • PrePurchase Inspection
  • Dilapidation reporting
  • Asbestos Inspection

As asbestos inspection is not only an important Pre-Purchase service, it is also very important if you are planning on starting any renovation or maintenance work on your home so that you know exactly where the asbestos is and the condition that it is in.

Never endanger yourself, your family or your neighbours by trying to remove or demolish asbestos yourself – always seek professional assistance. Jim’s Building Inspections use industry leading technology and equipment to identify asbestos, take samples (if required), air monitoring (if required), and formulate asbestos management strategies going forward.

With a 24-hour reporting turnaround time, Jim’s Building Inspections in the Gold Coast is passionate about providing clients with all the information they need to make an informed property decision. All building consultants and inspectors hold comprehensive insurance and upload their building inspection reports online for easy access and purchase.