Industrial and Commercial Building Inspection

Who needs an industrial or commercial inspection?

An industrial and commercial building inspection is recommended for:

  • Investors and buyers of industrial property
  • Owners and sellers of industrial buildings
  • Facility managers of commercial properties

Why is it Important?

  • Get peace of mind before investing in a commercial property
  • Discover any hidden faults you may not have budgeted for
  • Know if the building complies with commercial building regulations


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Our inspections and reports may include:

  • All pre-purchase and pre-sale reports
  • Building inspections to AS4349
  • All new construction, renovation, and extension reports
  • Asbestos inspection
  • Energy efficiency reports
  • Pool fence safety reports
  • Invasive inspections
  • Quotation and project management services


What areas do we service?

We service the majority of Australia with key locations in metropolitan and regional areas.

How is an asbestos inspection is carried out?

  • Identification of building materials suspected to contain asbestos
  • Description of the condition of the suspected asbestos containing materials
  • Identification of urgent and serious safety hazards

If the inspection includes Sampling services, we will safely remove small (20c piece) size samples of building materials.

We will seal the area affected by the sample removal and we always select unobtrusive, low risk locations to remove samples wherever possible.

Before we leave, we will speak with you regarding any suspected Asbestos containing materials which we believe are highly likely to have a positive lab result and which may be in a condition that means that they are an urgent and serious safety hazard.

Lab analysis of samples may take 1-3 working days.

After that time a full report including the confirmed findings from the lab results will be provided.  In the report we will discuss safe asbestos management and recommendations regarding safe removal of asbestos.

As we have no financial relationship with any Asbestos Removal company you are assured of impartial advice free of the financial bias a removal company may have.

Items provided with your Asbestos Inspection Report include:

  • A record of locations
  • A record of the condition of the item in each area
  • Advice regarding its management
  • Photographic information
  • Lab analysis reports

What kind of inspection do I need for a workplace?

Are you a business? It is most likely you need a Workplace Register and Management Plan (click here for more information).