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What areas do we service?

We service most of Queensland with key locations throughout the state including the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

What is a Building Inspection?

A building inspection is designed to give you independent and objective advice about the physical state of a building. This advice enables you to make an informed decision, usually about whether to purchase a property or not.

Inspection reports are a snapshot in time. Therefore, you should always ensure you refer to a current inspection.

These inspections are also carried out for the purpose of risk management, new construction management, dispute resolution, insurance claims, compliance with legislation and regulations and to inform renovation and extension decisions.

About us

Jim’s Building Inspections Queensland originated in Brisbane in 2012.  Each of our team members operate in territories that they are familiar with  and as a consequence they are often the local go to expert for that area of building work. For example, inner city and inner urban construction around Brisbane, Sandgate in the North and out to Ipswich in the South East. We have experts on the Sunshine coast and the Gold Coast which gives us good coverage to service clients through South East Queensland.

Our inspectors are Licensed Builders with specific experience in Building along with training in Termite and Timber pest which is essential when booking in an inspection in Queensland. Our team also have extensive experience in new construction supervision with some of Queensland’s major and prestige builders and know what to look for in terms of timber frame, brick construction and even infill developments. So when you are looking at your next Build, turn to us for representation during the stages of construction.

Asbestos identification and testing is another service which our guys in Queensland help clients with. This can be for homeowners  and also for commercial workplaces that require Asbestos Audits, registers and Management plans.

With property shows like the Block, more and more people are catching on to the renovation bug. This can be an exciting time for anyone embarking on a DIY project but Jims Building inspections often find that these clients are unaware of what materials they are working with and the potential dangers associated with them.

Asbestos can be found in vinyl, lagging and wall sheeting just to name a few. When planning for any renovation it’s important to get an expert in to assess the areas and test to find what the material is and its condition. Australia has the highest rate of Asbestos disease per capita in the world and was used extensively on buildings in Queensland built prior to 1989. It is estimated 1 in 3 buildings throughout Australia contain some form of Asbestos

Our Services

1 Pre Purchase House Inspections

For those buying a home in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast  and need peace of mind knowing the house is safe and worth the asking price.

2 Pre Sale House Inspections

Offer your potential buyers a fully insured report so they can make you a quick offer or bid with confidence.

3 Identify Damage Caused by Termites & Other Pests

Our professional local building inspectors will look in all the key areas and determine any pest related damage you need to get fixed.

4 Asbestos Inspection & Testing

Our professional local inspectors provide asbestos inspections in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. They will inspect your property and take samples of materials to determine if asbestos is present.

Why us

Fully Insured – We have a full and comprehensive professional indemnity and public liability insurance as part of our commitment to our clients.

Fast Delivery – Our building inspection reports are carried out on iPads and generally emailed to you within 24 hours of completion.

Australia Wide Network – We are proud of our franchisees and the work they do helping our clients make better purchasing decisions.



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What others are saying

  • "Brian was very helpful when I called him to get a quote. He wasn’t pushy at all like previous company’s I had spoken to. "

    May 23, 2014 by MelInspector Jim’s Building Inspections (Yokine, WA)
  • "It was my first time building a new house and I have had issues with my builder throughout the process, but Richards’s inspection on the day, report of defects and general discussions have given me the peace of mind I needed. "

    Mar 23, 2014 by Tim BurtonInspector: Jim's Building Inspections (Lockleys, SA)
  • "Ben's service gave me confidence and peace of mind prior to submitting an offer."

    Jul 09, 2014 by Michael JonesInspector: Jims Building Inspections (Berry, NSW)
  • "I was really happy with the service I received from start to finish. Andrew was well-organized, arrived at the property on time, conducted a thorough inspection, answered all of my questions and sent a comprehensive report to me via email on the same day. Having a building inspection done was well worth the money because I was provided with a list of all of the potential problems which needed to be addressed with the property, many of which I would not have noticed myself. Very happy to recommend this service."

    April 22, 2015 by Marco SanInspector: Jim’s Building Inspections (Adelaide, SA)
  • "I was so impressed with the way Andrew responded to me and assisted at short notice.  I was amazed at the report  that Andrew had presented to me after doing a pre-handover on my new home.I would not have picked up on half the things that Andrew did.It was money well spent and would recommend  Andrew to anyone."

    June 27, 2015 by Angela SpargoInspector: Jim's Building Inspections (Adelaide, SA)
  • "I asked Robert for a second opinion, he showed that my heating ducts had not been put back and I was simply heating the soil under the house!"

    Jun 21, 2014 by Sue Le LievreInspector: Jim's Building Inspections (Brighton, VIC)