Strata Reports

Who needs a strata report?

People who intend on buying a specific strata titled property.

Why is it Important?

With all strata titled properties there is the possibility of buying into an undesirable situation. It is  important therefore to obtain all the facts before a decision is made. A Strata Report can help you avoid issues which otherwise may not be apparent and save you years of issues and financial loss. Alternatively, no issues may arise from the report and you can have peace of mind to proceed with your purchase.


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Additional Information

Our Strata Report will help you:

  • Discover if the strata scheme has the funds available to fix future issues
  • Identify any special levies that are payable
  • Let you know if a strata scheme is adequately insured.
  • Identify any evidence of building/structural problems that may produce additional costs in the future to fix.
  • Discover if there is a history of issues between owners.
  • Note all regulations pertaining to issues such as pets, renovations and refurbishments.