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As home inspectors, our main goal is helping families make smart decisions about buying a home. Given this position, it’s safe to say that Jim’s Building Inspections understands better than most just how important a home can be. It’s more than a roof over a family’s head; a home can start the next chapter of ones life.

Whether that means creating a place for people to come together or settling down with a family, a home becomes a foundation. Along with education related awards, our Building Inspections Foundation will focus on charities that are centered around housing for individuals in need.


Using an industry leading iPad application, we deliver our reports in an easy to read format – free of fine print and jargon– within 24 hours.

Our strict pre-selection process ensures your building consultant is highly skilled, qualified, experienced, fully insured and where required licensed. Jim’s Building Inspections is now delivering services across Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Australia Capital Territory and Tasmania.

Regional areas are also being actively serviced with inspectors based in regional centres. Jim’s is Australia’s largest and fastest growing network of building consultants and inspectors servicing the clients throughout metropolitan and regional Australia.

The Jim’s Group currently has 54 divisions and approximately 4000 franchisees.

We are growing at a rate of 5-8% across the divisions annually and now have a presence in four countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada. As most people will know, the Jim’s Group started as a part time gardening business while Jim Penman completed a PhD in history. By 1982 Jim was working on his mowing business full time and he began franchising in 1989.

The organisation has a strong focus on customer service which is the basis for its success.

Jim Penman became renowned for his commitment to customer service and he now has the face that ‘…launched a thousand trailers.’ Importantly this brand now achieves 94% recognition across Australia. Jim Penman’s approach to franchising is expressed in the group’s values and these are the basis for his successful franchising of a wide array of services. Jim will only sign up franchisees he is convinced will succeed and his first priority is their welfare.

With more than 25 years of experience establishing franchises that are dedicated to the success of the franchisee, the Jim’s Group ensures that the rights of franchisees are protected and promoted. Jim is the owner and full time CEO of the Jim’s Group. He is married with 10 children, loves his work and has no plans to retire – ever.