Your Health Health Before Mould

Your Health Health Before Mould

Imagine if you were battling the following: Nose bleeds, chest infections, sinus troubles, asthma, hair loss, breathing issues, chronic fatigue, rashes and headaches.

Sad to say, but these are just some of the potential consequences of living with mould as outlined by a story about one Canberra mother’s battle with it.

“The mould is everywhere. It’s on every window sill, all through the wood. It’s on the walls and where paint is peeling around vents. It’s also been found in the lino in the kitchen. There is white furry stuff that has come out,” Melissa Harrison stated upon reflection.

Of all biotoxin-related illnesses, mould is amongst the most common. But what we’re now learning is that physical symptoms can lead to psychological stress, creating a vicious cycle. OCD, anxiety and even depression are all illnesses linked to unresolved physical problems.

Or as Melissa revealed: “I would get really unwell and then I would end up going to my mum’s. I would be there for a while and recover and then I would come home and it would start all over again.”

Jim’s Building Inspections knows the cost of inaction which is why we offer clients a range of services in relation to detection and removal, as well as an understanding ear. We see Melissa’s story as a brave warning call.

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