House Inspections Take Time

House Inspections Take Time

Okay, random question: How long would you spend inspecting a house before buying it?

In Australia, more than half of homeowners (58%) spend less than an hour inspecting before the big buy, according to research put out by ME bank. Thus, it’s not surprising to learn that a significant minority (more than a quarter) also found issues after moving in.

One expert is quoted as observing: “Once they got interested and excited for their ‘perfect’ home they focused on how they can get the property instead of stepping back and strategically looking at the future requirements and costs of the house.”

A proper inspection however moves out emotion. Strategically speaking, it’s a good idea to contact an expert, from Jim’s Building Inspections, for example, so as to avoid any traps.

Sure, inspecting in person is good but a second viewing by an outside professional is better.


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