Over the past two years, the most common Significant defect found, is the damp shower. Modern showers are aesthetically pleasing and appear to be installed to the highest standard. However, countless showers have been found this year to have damp corners outside the shower tray.

The Building Inspector will use non-invasive techniques to investigate common vulnerable areas for any sign of Deteriorated sealant, flaking paint, Swollen skirting, Soft wall linings, Discolouration just to name a few. Combined with a moisture meter, educated assumptions are made about a possible cause and recommendations can also be made.

Installation and maintenance issues can contribute to damp showers.

Whether it’s a tiled shower or the modern liner and shower tray set up, installation methods can vary from installer/contractor and Builders. It is always recommended that only professional or licensed trade people are contracted to install your shower. This provides peace of mind that the job is conducted to standard and there is a callback option should something go wrong.

Deferred maintenance or neglect is also another concern. Unfortunately, homeowners don’t carry out regular cleaning or carry out repair works when required. Building materials will deteriorate over time, especially in Wet areas like Bathrooms. Regular cleaning will help extend the life span of sealant which is a key component to a shower being watertight. The sealant will deteriorate at different rates so it’s hard to estimate when it is due for replacing, but it should be regularly assessed by the homeowner. The manufactures instructions could be consulted also.

Should damp issues be found early, the old sealant could be raked out, the area cleaned and dried and a new mould resistant sealant can be reapplied. This area would require monitoring and confirmation with lower moisture readings at a later date will confirm that this has had the desired effect, however, if moisture readings remain the same, then this would imply something more insinuating lies behind the shower linings.

If you have any concerns or you are about to list your property, call a Jim’s Building Inspector to carry out a Building Inspection today.


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