New homes & Termite zones

New homes & Termite zones

An increasing number of councils across Australia are seeing the value in designating residential zones as termite prone areas in an effort to help local communities avoid costly repairs and horror surprises in the future.

Victoria is the only Australian state that has ‘undeclared’ termite municipalities, yet Jim’s Building Inspections are identifying and reporting on termite activity in homes in these areas multiple times each month. The problem with purchasing and residing in an undeclared zone, means that without professional guidance, residents simply aren’t aware of any infestation until it is too late.

One councilor in the city of Kingston in Melbourne is pushing for the area to be declared a termite zone to warn homeowners of the risk of white ants following several incidents where residents have been oblivious to pest activity in their homes and the damage caused has been completely devastating.

This is the case in many other parts of Melbourne and each year, like other Australian states, Victoria is declaring an increasing number of termite prone zones. For home owners, this means that if you are planning a new build or renovation works, builders must install a termite barrier system before a certificate of occupancy can be issued.

As part of their ‘New Home Inspection’ package, Jim’s Building Inspections will work with and give home owners the tools to manage building works and ensure the quality installation of a termite barrier, giving you peace of mind and reassurance that your building works will go the distance.

Jim’s Building Inspections can review your home or renovation at construction stage, at handover, or during the maintenance periods, and help you protect your investment by:

Ensuring you get what you have paid for, both in quality and in compliance

Giving you the expertise to understand the project in its entirety

Providing you the tools and knowledge base with which to manage your relationship with the builder

More than 350 species of termites have been recorded in Australia. The best way to protect your home from termites and other pests is to educate yourself about your property.

Before you build. Before you buy. For more information on New Home Inspections please call Jim’s Building Inspections now on 131 546 or click to get a quote!


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