Blocked Guttering- One of the most Common Pre-Purchase Defects

Blocked Guttering- One of the most Common Pre-Purchase Defects

Blocked gutters are one of the main defects found during a pre purchase inspection and is also one of the easiest to fix and prevent. Doing something as simple as keeping your gutters clean can save you thousands of dollars in maintenance costs in the future. Blocked gutters are one of the main causes of water leaks to a property. When the gutters and roof valleys are full, heavy rain has nowhere to go but either overflowing outside the guttering or into the walls and roof of the house.

Blockages of the guttering and downpipes may also lead to pooling and accumulated water overflows, which is likely to subsequently flood eaves and exterior walls.

Where gutter guard is installed regular maintenance is still required and should include cleaning and flushing out any debris which may rest on top of or filter through the gutter guard to avoid blockages.

Blocked gutters are likely to lead to high levels of moisture in the affected areas. Such moisture will not only cause rust and decay of the associated building materials, but can also provide conditions that are conducive to termite and timber pest activity. Blockages in gutters should therefore be removed immediately to ensure dry conditions are maintained.

Consult a Licensed Plumber for further specific advice on remedial works that may be required. In the interim, it is highly advised that blocked gutters be removed by a gutter cleaning specialist or a general handyperson as a matter of urgency.

Buying a new home is an exciting time and the process can be fun if you do the right preparation. Contact your local Jim’s Building Inspector on 131 546 and they can help you through the process.


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