Passing Your Next Rental Inspection With Mould-Busting Professionals

Passing Your Next Rental Inspection With Mould-Busting Professionals

What’s one thing landlords despise? If you guessed mould, you’re right.

“The obvious things we look for are mould in the bathrooms/cupboards/bedrooms,” says one expert in the field. “This is usually an indication that the tenant isn’t ventilating the property as they should. We also look for any damage to walls or fittings and fixtures (bathroom and kitchen fittings).”

Jim’s Building Inspections can improve the relationship between a landlord and his or her tenant through a number of services and friendly advice. It’s about prevention and detection. And, it’s about mutual respect.

Mould is confronting enough without the associated embarrassment some people feel too. As well, it’s not just about keeping up appearances because looking good and feeling good work together.

Communication is the key: communicating with mould inspectors, for example, allows one to address concerns before they become dangers. Simple, hey.

Image Source: https://www.illawarramercury.com.au/story/5723667/tips-to-help-pass-your-next-rental-inspection/


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