Why Rental Safety Inspections Matter

Why Rental Safety Inspections Matter

“When Jonathan’s family rented a home they began experiencing recurring headaches,” reports news.com.au. “Then they made a shocking discovery.”

It turns out that Jonathan and even his children were victims of dangerous traces of crystal meth. What’s more, the piece explains that this isn’t as rare as first thought.

Thanks to Australia’s ice epidemic drug gangs are leaving behind contaminated houses. The result: landlords and tenants are vulnerable to health problems. For unlike other drugs, skin contact with surfaces containing meth residue pose health risks. Likewise, one can inhale chemicals.

It’s a warning and a reminder of the importance of rental house inspections. Explains one expert: “You might walk into a house with brand new carpets and brand new paint and a nice, new renovated kitchen. You can’t see what is underneath it. That house is potentially still contaminated … You can paint over the plaster board but the stuff will leak back through the paint. It does not go away.”

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Image Source: 7 News


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