Fact – Termites Hate Good Building Inspectors

Fact – Termites Hate Good Building Inspectors

A good building inspector knows how to find termite issues. A bad building inspector, by way of contrast, is a termite’s best friend.

When Joe Blow (not his real name) bought a two-bedroom 1920s terrace in Sydney’s inner west for around $1 million, he was naturally jubilant. After all, it had been given the green light by his building inspector. But reality sunk in (no pun intended) after learning that various living areas were victims of termite damage.

His building inspector wasn’t able or willing to undertake a thorough inspection and Joe was left with an ice-cream headache situation with no satisfactory answers.

As a thorough report revealed later: “(The) timber bearer below the front area of the living/lounge room has been totally eaten by termites. The centre of the lounge room is no longer supported in some areas by this bearer. It needs replacing urgently.”

So the big lesson in all of this is: Termites stink. Luckily at Jim’s Building Inspections we understand the importance of thorough inspections.

Image Source: https://www.news.com.au/finance/real-estate/buying/sydney-homebuyers-100000-horror-after-building-and-pest-inspection-comes-up-clean/news-story/2dead331415d80d86587c6d85653fb5e


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