Two Things You Need To Know About Smoke Alarms

Two Things You Need To Know About Smoke Alarms

One: Smoke Alarms Aren’t Always Reliable

Smoke alarms aren’t always reliable which is why a professional inspector can make your job easier and life safer. A good inspection takes into account adequate positioning and operational status in order to protect your property. After all, some smoke alarms don’t last and even the most expensive brands are unreliable without planning.

Two: New Houses Are Still Vulnerable

Old houses always seem more vulnerable to fire but it’s wrong to assume that new or newer homes are completely safe. In point of fact, sometimes they’re more dangerous.

Yes. That’s right. The modern house can be a firetrap. As one American expert points out: “There are a variety of things that cause that. We have furniture that’s made out of synthetic products, so the smoke is toxic when anything burns.  We have lightweight constructions, so the materials burn more quickly.  Open concept houses mean the fire travels through a building much faster.”

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