The Politics Of Smoke Alarms

The Politics Of Smoke Alarms

From 1993 to 2015, CSIRO conducted tests on smoke alarms but the public is yet to read the findings. This comes at a time when activists want ionised smoke alarms banned due to alleged issues with response times to common fires. In America, the alarms are being phased out.

At issue is the fact that the CSIRO’s findings are exempt from Freedom of Information Laws, leading to some uncomfortable questions. But regardless of the alleged dangers of some smoke alarms surely testing is more important than ever.

Jim’s Buildings Inspections provides testing to prevent fires – and at the very least a visit leads to peace of mind. These cover property managers, body corporates and private landlords. Moreover, the inspection also ensures that smoke alarms are positioned properly and are in good working order.

As the smoke alarm debate continues, safety should be a priority.

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