The Dirty World Of Termites

The Dirty World Of Termites

This summer it’s time to think pests. “Generally the soil moisture is high, that makes a big difference to termites. Termites are really just organised cockroaches,” says Dr Ewart to The Age in an article titled: Hungry termites marching on Melbourne with homeowners warned it ‘could get ugly.

Says the entomologist who teaches pest management at Melbourne Polytechnic: “They like to go tunnelling and so it is much easier for them to find a place to attack … their attacks [often] go for several weeks or several months before anybody notices.”

To fight these “organised cockroaches” Jim’s Building Inspections can identify any damage that has been caused by them.

For homeowners, it needs to be stressed that termites love moisture and dampness. So water can be dangerous.

Moreover, termites love a drink and if food is close to their water source then they’ll breed more.

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