The Pitfalls Of Property Investment

The Pitfalls Of Property Investment

The pitfalls of property investment are many.

Andrew Heaton from Sourceable advances the argument that it’s important to get a quality survey. While a retail store is often happy to return a $10 item of clothing, it’s far more complex with real-estate.

And while that’s clear to many in the industry, it isn’t to investors.

Potential issues include (but are not limited to) contaminated land from oil to asbestos, property boundary disputes and flood risks. Most recently, not disclosing accurate information about the access to the NBN has also been an issue.

“Under no circumstances,” experts say, “should you purchase a property without having conducted a survey.”

At Jim’s Building Inspections we offer exceptional advice. And because many things can go wrong our premium package covers a building inspection report including building safety hazards, major defects, minor defects, past related damage, electrical, plumbing and gas.

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