Go With Licensed Pre-Property Inspectors

Go With Licensed Pre-Property Inspectors

What makes a good pre-property inspector? Sourceable’s Howard Ryan writes: ‘To do the job properly, a qualified building inspector will have extensive knowledge of the Building Code of Australia, the Building Act, the Building Regulations and various Australian Standards in the construction industry, and will have come from a building trade background. Without this knowledge how could anyone even consider trusting someone to inspect the purchase of a home? Unfortunately it does happen and many litigation cases result.’

Obviously, a qualified inspector is qualified for a reason. At Jim’s Building Inspections we understand the importance of industry knowledge too which is why we employ people with years of experience in the industry. That’s the reason we see return clients.

Ryan also warns to stay away from ready-to-purchase reports arguing that you need an independent inspector: an inspector who visits in person and knows your property from firsthand experience.

Image Source: https://sourceable.net/why-pre-purchase-property-inspectors-need-to-be-licensed/


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