The Jim’s Group Model – 25 years of success

The Jim's Group Model

Within the Jim’s Group there are more than 36 divisions, with more divisions commencing on an ongoing basis.

Jim owns some divisions directly but many are independently owned.

These Divisional or Master Franchisors may then sell Regions which provide Franchisors with the opportunity to sell territories to Franchisees in their own region.  The Franchisor then manages and supports the franchisees on an ongoing basis.

Franchising in the Jim’s Group provides for:

  • Flat monthly fee structures for management and marketing costs
  • Variable lead fees for jobs we send to you
  • Discounts for compliance
  • Joining Jim’s also provides you with access to:
  • A professional Australian based customer contact or call centre
  • An App called Jimbo for general business management including invoicing, scheduling and customer records
  • Arguably Australia’s most recognised franchise brand
  • A commitment to customer satisfaction which focusses all levels on the organisation on quick, high quality customer service
  • A commitment from the Jim’s Group to protect franchisee interests

Detailed information about the Jim’s Group model is provided during a compulsory three day Orientation Program at Jim’s HQ in Mooroolbark Victoria.

The course includes recognised, accredited training in business management units.

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