What Does Jim Know About Building Inspections Anyway?

What Does Jim Know About Building Inspections Anyway?


We recently discovered that Jim Penman’s dad was a forensic engineer.

From an early age Jim’s father was investigating materials, structures and their components which failed or were some way involved in an ‘incident’ or related to litigation.

Jim has some pretty interesting stories to tell of the things he witnessed his father trialling and investigating.

However that wasn’t why Jim’s Building Inspections came into existence.

As Building Inspectors, we already knew quite a bit already about buildings and the inspection and reporting of defects.

What we didn’t know was how to take what we thought we did pretty well to a national audience.  Nor did we have any experience of franchising.

We looked at the other franchised building inspection businesses out there but what struck us most was the fairness of the Jim’s system and his belief that we should only take on franchisees we strongly believed would succeed.

Jim was passionate about the success of his franchisees and about customer service as the driving factor in growing any business.

However, it’s still nice to understand the historical, familial connection to the process of investigation and discovery of when, why and how buildings, structures and their components fail.


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