Mouldy Issues For Landlords

Mouldy Issues For Landlords

A growing number of tenants are trying to educate landlords about the many ways in which mould can make us sick. So the ABC’s AM political reporter, Alexandra Beech, took the time to speak to one such person, Caleb Rudd.

Mr Rudd is behind a Facebook group for Australians with mould-related illnesses. He has been pushing tougher health standards and agrees with the Government’s decision to pursue this.

“It’s a bit of a wild west at the moment in this space,” Caleb Rudd stated.

“A lot of people can call themselves a remediator without much training.”

Meanwhile, it’s incumbent for landlords to consider the financial costs of not inspecting their properties for mould. Indeed, just a simple call to a professional outfit, such as Jim’s Building Inspections could mean derailing the issue so it can’t even become one.

Across Australia, many tenants are demanding mould-free houses.

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