Jim’s Building Inspections hits 100 Franchisees!

Jim’s Building Inspections hits 100 Franchisees!

Jim’s Building Inspections is pleased to announce that September 2017 saw its 100th Franchisee sign on to Jim’s Building Inspections, officially launching the division as one of the biggest building inspection companies in Australia.

Director Paul Commerford said he was thrilled with the growth of the business and attributes its success to excellent customer service, strong brand recognition and world class training and support.

‘Over 1900 building inspections are conducted by Jim’s Building Inspections throughout Australia each month,’ Paul said.

‘Inspection activity levels have increased by 115% on last year’s numbers and we are working hard to continually grow the business for our franchisees by increasing marketing strategy as well as offering excellent training opportunities.’

Jim’s Building Inspections has a reported 95.5% customer satisfaction rate and a 32% increase on work leads compared to 2016 figures. With Summer just around the corner the Jim’s division is looking forward to busy times ahead!


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