How Jim’s Building Inspections Became Australia’s Number One Choice

How Jim’s Building Inspections Became Australia’s Number One Choice

Jim’s Building Inspections has grown to become Australia’s largest building inspection business in just three years.

How did we do that?

It was actually pretty easy, which is probably a damning commentary on the state of the industry!

The building inspection industry is dominated by single person operators – often this is simply a builder that wanted to get away from the tools, although some are even far less qualified than that.

We have found that in competition with these operators, simply providing better customer service has had the greatest impact.

Jim’s Building Inspectors call you back!

Before we started operating in Western Australia, we rang eight building inspectors. We only got through to one of them and left messages for all the others. Of those, only two called us back. A strike rate of just 3/8!

Jim Penman, CEO of Jim’s Group, has done a lot of things right over the years, but perhaps the biggest thing was making sure that each ‘Jim’, from any division, had a maximum of two hours to call the client back. They also couldn’t accept job leads if they weren’t able to service the work.

We know time is crucial.

We know that with property purchasing decisions, people need help and advice right away. Time is critical and decisions can have major financial impacts on families.

You can be confident knowing that if you call Jim’s Building Inspections you won’t be left hanging for a quote, an inspection to be scheduled or for your question to be answered.

You can rely on our customer service. (And our team know, Jim is watching!)

If you don’t get what you need, when you need it, there is a whole organism that swings into action to find out why and how you have fallen through the cracks.

24-hour reporting.

24-hour reporting is probably the single biggest thing that our clients appreciate. They are amazed when we get their building inspection report back to them within 24-hours and often it’s even quicker than that!

We achieve this remarkable feat thanks to our custom-made, industry-leading app called BuildInspect™.The app allows inspectors to quickly complete their report, helping them integrate high-quality photos and more before sending it quickly off to the client.

“Thank you for your reports. I am amazed at your professionalism in communication and getting the written copies of the reports away so quickly. I certainly have received the best attention from you and thank you so much. I will most definitely be singing your praises to people I know wanting someone efficient to get the job done.”

Worrigee (Sydney)


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