Rental Reforms To Hit Queensland

Rental Reforms To Hit Queensland

Queensland’s 40-year-old rental laws are under scrutiny. One big potential change: making it easier for tenants to own pets and more pressure to address repairs in a timely manner. Property owners, however, may have more powers in their hands to charge for repair work not covered by bonds.

There’s a lot to consider but inspections for both tenants and landlords alike are one way in which to deal with small health and safety issues before it becomes a problem.

Jim’s Building Inspections understands that laws are always being reviewed and changed which is why they offer professional inspection services.

Since 30 September, a government consultation process has involved renters, landlords and real estate agents. They’re being asked for their opinions on the evolving market and the state of today’s system. While it’s hard to predict what form the new laws will take, it’ll impact millions.


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