How To Avoid Renovation Traps

How To Avoid Renovation Traps

Renovations done right can pay off. Literally. That said there are some serious traps to avoid.

Potential problems from wiring to asbestos issues often come up especially in older houses, so it’s important to seek professional help. Jim’s Building Inspections is a great option. Give them a call. Talk about your needs and wants.

Money problems are another trap. Says Mortgage Choice CEO Susan Mitchell: “Homeowners should factor in a buffer to their renovation budget. For smaller renovations, stick to a 10 per cent buffer, and 20 per cent for a major renovations in order to control costs and avoid topping up your loan.”

Quality control (or lack thereof) is another big trap. Don’t assume your builders are qualified. Check their references and qualifications etc. After all, who wants to be on A Current Affair? Careful research is an inexpensive way to take more control.

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