Blacklists For Potential Tenants? You Betcha!

Blacklists For Potential Tenants? You Betcha!


Blacklisting tenants is a thing and may not be talked about because of shame-related issues.

According to the ABC, a person can be blacklisted without even being aware. His or her name in such a case will pop up on tenancy databases meaning that she or he is “expelled” or “excommunicated” from the market place. Your reputation, for better or for worse, follows you.

Such databases are run by big companies but can be avoided through simple measures, from maintaining the quality of one’s rental through inspections and advice from Jim’s Building Inspections. Whether it’s dealing with a recent mould problem or something else, they’re there to help.

And while rules and regulations differ from state to state, databases have long and wide memories. In Victoria, for instance, malicious property damage can get you blacklisted. Ditto Queensland where repeated lease breaches have consequences.


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