Beating the Dangerous World of Mould – Related Illnesses

Beating the Dangerous World of Mould – Related Illnesses

Moving to a share house is an exciting adventure for young adults. At least, that’s the theory. So when healthy Tim Kirby started losing weight, developing insomnia, experiencing frequent headaches and battling fatigue, he was in search of answers.

The alleged culprit: mould-related illness, a preventable situation. His diagnosis: chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS).

As Tim explained to the ABC: “We knew that I had health problems as soon as I went into that house, but we didn’t know the full effect of what mould could do.”

The good news? Professional inspections coupled with action can prevent mould-related illnesses. Jim’s Building Inspections, for instance, can determine the source through thorough mould inspections.

The causes of mould are long and varied and best left to dedicated specialists. They turn up in construction flaws but are also related to bad maintenance, floods or storms.

River valleys, coastal regions and other at-risk areas are also vulnerable to mould outbreaks. Another mould-attracting cause: poor natural ventilation. As such, specialists are great allies.

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