4/12 Mackay Ave Glen Huntly

This red brick home in the suburb of Glen Huntly was checked by one of our Melbourne based Building Inspectors.  Whilst we are not allowed to comment on the safety of the electrical systems (as we are not licensed electricians) we will always do a basic check of the switchboard.

The switchboard is a great place to quickly check for suspected Asbestos Containing Material, the insulating material on the backing board often incorporated asbestos because of its thermal insulating properties.

We also always make a check to see whether the electrical systems have had some form of upgrade since they were built.  The main thing we inspect for is the presence or absence of a safety switch.

Many homes of that age will not have a safety switch unless an upgrade to the electrical wiring has been completed in the intervening years.  If you check your home’s switchboard and can’t see a safety switch (or you are not sure what you are looking for) contact Jim’s Electrical or any licensed electrician for advice.

I certainly would not live in or tenant out a property that does not have a one.  A safety switch will prevent or most likely prevent electrocution in the event of a failure of the electricals.

For more information on building inspection services in Melbourne that include an electrical, plumbing and gas component, check out our premium home inspection services.

For more information on this Glen Huntly home, go to: http://www.woodards.com.au/index.cfm?pagecall=property&propertyid=2909697

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Image Source: http://www.woodards.com.au/index.cfm?pagecall=property&propertyid=2909697


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