Terms and Conditions


Before you purchase this report please take time to read and understand this pre-inspection agreement and terms and conditions of service.

The aim of a pre-inspection agreement is to ensure you have all the information you need about the inspection service. We also want to avoid misunderstanding and conflict about what is included and excluded from your inspection. Your purchase of this report indicates your consent to the terms and conditions of service.

Each inspector has specific qualification’s and a level of experience which meets or exceeds our Divisional Technical Pre-Requisites for service delivery. Individual details of your inspector and their specific qualifications are available on our Inspector Profile pages which can be found via our locations page. After you purchase your report a building inspector will contact you to discuss the details of the upcoming inspection and inspection report.

In this report we may advise you to have a further inspection by another specialist such as an engineer, surveyor, plumber or other trade if we find specific problems we are not qualified to advise on.  We don’t advise you about title, ownership or other legal matters like easements, restrictions, covenants and planning laws.  None of our inspections constitute an approval by a Building Surveyor, a certificate of occupancy or compliance with any law, regulation or standard.

We use visual inspection methods and assessments of serviceability to identify major defects and to form an opinion regarding the general condition of the property at the time of inspection.

Areas for Inspection

We only inspect accessible areas. Important points to be aware of are:

  • Elevated areas like roofs must be safely accessible from a 3.6m ladder, using an unobstructed line of sight where building elements are close enough to allow inspection
  • Access points (like manholes) must be at least 400mm x 500mm
  • Crawl space (like under floors etc) must have clearance of 600mm x 600mm
  • We may need to turn off the mains power for a short time to safely inspect the roof space

Areas where reasonably entry is denied to us, or where we cannot access, are excluded from the inspection.    The report includes information about when this has occurred, you may choose to have a further Invasive Inspection Service undertaken in consultation with the property owners.


Inspections are commonly and frequently limited by a number of factors; you should expect this to happen during your inspection.  Examples of common limitations are listed below:

  • Locked doors
  • Security systems
  • Pets
  • Furniture and stored items
  • Restriction of access due to height – we only inspect first storey roof structures unless prior arrangement is made
  • Restriction of access due to lack of clearance, small crawl spaces, lack of entry access points or thick vegetation
  • Adverse weather conditions

This is not an exhaustive list of limitations, we will let you know when limitations and restrictions occur; this report will include a risk rating for undetected defects based on our assessment of the degree to which inaccessible areas, limitations and obstructions prevented inspection.

Extent of Reporting

Only major defects and urgent and serious safety hazards are reported along with a general impression regarding the extent of minor defects (eg: significantly deteriorating external paint).

  • An urgent and serious safety hazard is a building element or situation that represents a current or immediate potential threat of injury or disease to persons.
  • A major defect is a defect that has to be rectified to avoid the development of any unsafe conditions.
  • A minor defect is any other defect, usually described as expected or routine property maintenance.

All inspections comply with Australian Standards 4349 and all come with public liability and professional indemnity insurance.    The building will be compared to others of a similar age, construction type and method that had an acceptable level of basic maintenance completed.  It follows as a consequence that the building being inspected may not comply with current Australian Standard, Building Regulations and the like.

An estimate of costs to fix defects is not included unless you request an additional Remediation or Renovation Report.  Any estimate prepared as part of a Remediation and Renovation Report is based on industry standard cost guides and the consultant’s own experience. Costs to repair defects are very difficult to estimate:

  • We often don’t know the extent of work required until it begins
  • There is reduced competition as many contractors are unwilling to take on rectification work

We also provide a Quotation and Project Management service where we can:

  • Prepare scope of works documents for contractors to price
  • Coordinate all required trades to provide you with secure fixed price quotations


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