Introducing Air Inspect: Shaping the Next Generation of Building Inspection Services

Jim’s Building Inspections powered Air Inspect Australia

Forging this national partnership epitomizes the shared values of Jim’s Building Inspections and Air Inspect Australia of technological innovation with accuracy and efficiency.

It is no secret that a building inspection is inexpensive with the potential to save lives and prevent costly repairs. Air Inspect Australia enhances the process of building inspections with the latest technologies and capabilities allowing for all roof inspections to be a must have as part of your Building Inspection. Most building inspection reports do not include roof inspections of roof heights about 3.6m because of high costs of elevated equipment hire and human life risks with conventional manual methods. It has always been an optional add on.

Whilst there are no substitutes for actual trained professional’s eyes, having the added data capturing capabilities and visualization software platform enables a greater detection of defects that a human eye is likely to miss. Using the latest aerial data capturing technology and highly skilled drone pilots, roof inspections with Air Inspect Australia is an effective way to increase safety, accuracy whilst reducing costs and saving time.

Air Inspect Australia can provide high-resolution 3D model from Trendspek, to provide a much more detailed, accurate and comprehensive report than any other building inspection providers. Trendspek is a powerful visualization platform for infrastructure and built projects that transforms the drone data into true digital replicas also providing tools needed to manage, annotate, compile reports and share accurate information.

Why use Jim’s Building Inspections powered by Air Inspect Australia?

  • Faster Inspection Times
  • More accurate and detailed inspection
  • Greater accessibility and inspection coverage
  • Extensive selection of useful data
  • Safer work environments than traditional roof inspections
  • With thermal imaging cameras, they can spot what the naked eye cannot see
  • GPS location tracking so future inspections can follow the exact same path
  • Greater cost savings
  • A virtual evaluation option

Some of the additional benefits Air Inspect Australia can assist in roof inspections:

  • Finding water leaks in the roof envelope: Roof envelope is a concealed area, and drones can detect important indicators of a leak, like the presence of water. Drones fitted with Thermal cameras can identify temperature variances
  • Finding areas of air exfiltration: Air exfiltration pockets are difficult to locate and often requires a great deal of attention and equipment. The use of drones has the potential to simplify this process. They are mobile, flexible and capable of completing the job quickly.
  • Finding areas where there is a lack of insulation: Areas without enough insulation are prone to leaking, inefficiencies, and increasing utility costs. Drones can help identify and locate these areas
  • Finding areas of standing water: Standing water can be dangerous on a roof. By maneuvering up and over a building, rather than touching the surface, drones identify these pooling water areas and provide the information needed to make a plan to remediate it.

The ability to safely, quickly and cost effectively operate a roof inspection around your property is dramatically changing the future of building inspections. Roofs take environmental abuse from all angles so, add roof inspections as part of your building inspection report and stay ahead of potential issues – nothing beats the safety, speed, convenience and cost effectiveness of an AIA’s piloted drones.

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