Dream Home Or Nightmare?


Building a home is a major decision for any family and can be a stressful time. In most cases the homeowner has little, if any, building knowledge and relies upon the builder and contractors to complete the building work to an acceptable standard.

 “Building a home is a major decision for any family and can be a stressful time.”

This potentially disadvantages the owner who has to rely on the advice of the builder, even if they suspect something is not right. Getting a new building construction staged inspection will help you by putting an expert in your corner who can keep the builder accountable and ensure you get what you’ve paid for.  Often just employing our service motivates the builder and supervisors to do a better job as they are more likely to ensure that their best contractors are used for your build to reduce the need for time consuming and expensive reworks.

“…We find defects that are hard or impossible to see with the naked eye.”

At Jim’s Building Inspections we find defects that are hard or impossible to see with the naked eye. Having the right knowledge, training and equipment ensures we find the things others miss or are prepared to let slide, defects like the one below show an excavation adjacent to an existing slab.


Just one meter away from the top footing the builder has cut a shear wall to 4 metres deep. That is 3.2 metres below the base of the footing and around 2.2 metres deeper than allowed in the Building Code of Australia.

The builder could now be liable for a lifetime warranty on the upper level property as this represents serious undermining of the upper dwelling.

This is just one example of a client that if they had not engaged a Jim’s Building Inspector, their dream home may have become a nightmare as these issues often go unreported and unseen.

For a small fraction of the build cost you can engage a Jim’s Building Inspector to help you through every step of constructing your new home. From design phase and contract review, through to unlocking the front door and cracking the champagne.

This time should be a celebration of what you have created not drowning in the misery of a bad building experience. Let us help you take the worry away.

If you’re planning on building a new home or even renovating or doing an extension ask Jim’s Building Inspections about our new home inspections or check out our New Home Inspections service page.


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Andrew is the South Australian Franchisor for Jim's Building Inspections and has over 25 years experience in the building industry.


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