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Pest and Termite Inspections

Termite Inspection

A Termite and Timber Pest Inspection is a critical part of any package of pre-purchase building inspections.

Jim’s Building Inspectors can provide or arrange a termite and timber pest inspection as part of your building inspection reports.

Importantly – and unlike standard pest inspectors – we can also give you advice from the perspective of a builder as to the severity of building damage and make recommendation’s identifying when specialist engineering assessments are required and otherwise what works are required, by which trades, to undertake rectification.

 Jim’s Building Inspections Termite and Timber Pest Inspections include:

  • Identification of any live, termite or timber pest activity
  • Identification of any old termite or timber pest damage or activity
  • Evidence of past termite or timber pest treatments
  • Assessment of conditions affecting the property which may be conducive to termite activity

All reporting complies with AS4349.3 – 2010 Inspection of Buildings – Timber Pest Inspections.

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Jim’s Termite and Timber Pest Inspections generally include widely applied industry techniques, including:

  • Visual & Physical Inspection techniques
  • Application of sounding devices to detect hollowed or damaged timber
  • Use of Moisture Metres and / or Thermal Imaging techniques

Jim’s Termite and Timber Pest Reports include:

  • Photographic documentation of findings
  • Assessment as to the risk of undetected termite and timber pest activity
  • Clear documentation of any limitations or obstructions to the inspection
  • Recommendation’s regarding the need for further or invasive inspection

We can also refer you to Jim’s Pest Control to or arrange for an estimation regarding the cost of any treatment or to apply a termite barrier.

Your Jim’s Building Inspector has completed specific industry standard training in pest inspection and undergone a program of practical inspection supervision and report reviews.

This is supplemented by specific training in thermal imaging and ongoing professional development as a termite inspector.  Your termite inspector retains $1million of professional indemnity insurance and $10m of public liability insurance.

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Did you know?

Annual Termite Inspections are also recommended under AS3660.

This is especially critical if you don’t have a termite barrier in place which is the case for many Australian homes. Sometimes referred to as white ants, the value of annual termite damage exceeds that of storms, floods and fires combined every year in Australia.

However the majority of homeowners are unaware that termite damage is generally excluded from household insurance policies so if your home is damaged by termites you will need to meet the cost of treatment and repairs without assistance from your insurer.

We could build on it over time by including reference to advice as blog / social media posts using those drop down + boxes as page locations to link back to:

  • Common termite types in Australia
  • Distribution of termite activity in Australia
  • Tell-tale signs of termite damage
  • How to prevent termite activity
  • How to treat termite activity
  • How to repair termite damage

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