Berowra NSW 2081

Berowra NSW 2081

11 Jaranda St, Berowra NSW 2081

Timber Pest Inspection Report

Termite and timber pest damage is a significant risk throughout Australia.

The CSIRO estimate the cost of termite damage to exceed the cost of storms, fires and floods combined!

Our termite and timber pest inspection reports allow you to understand whether there is any history of termite damage at the property, whether any live termite activity has been found in the house or on the site and to what degree conditions on the property make it conducive or attractive to termites.

Useful information on treating (if required) and preventing termite activity is also included.

Don`t forget you can ring the Inspector to discuss the findings after you download the report if you would like to know more.

New South Wales

This report has expired and is no longer available.
Please contact us to organise a new inspection of this property.