Defect of the Week

Timber Rot

Check out this amazing floating veranda post! One of our inspectors was in Haberfield Sydney this past week and he identified some pretty extensive wood rot issues affecting the original timbers of this home.

The timbers had areas of wood rot throughout but the final corner post was amazing, there was literally no structural support offered and no contact to the ground.

Wood rot occurs over time from exposure and in this instance it’s likely that standing water would have pooled at the base of this post over decades. The wet conditions allow a fungal decay to occur and left unmanaged, the timber (as an organic product) has wasted away.

However, don’t be put off! Defects of this nature are to be expected in a house of this age that has not had regular maintenance. It’s likely the new owner will simply prop the veranda structure and replace the timber veranda post with an identical post, but rest it in a metal saddle that will offer greater protection from standing or pooled water.

Otherwise this is an amazing home in Haberfield and ripe for some lucky renovator to make it an amazing family home!




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  1. Aqua 2 years ago

    Levitating verandah post!
    I have a levitating wall! The frame has completely rotted from lack of drainage causing a damp problem. I think it is held up by the gyprock and house-love alone.

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