72 Gibbard Pl, Bullsbrook

We recently conducted a Building Inspection at this semi-rural property located in Perth’s north eastern fringe suburb of Bullsbrook.  It was an interesting inspection as the property spread over 10 acres also includes two dams.

Whilst the building defects themselves were typical of any inspection we would do for a Perth home, eg. minor plaster cracking where the cornice adjoins internal walls, it would be important for the future home buyer to consider the current and future maintenance requirements of a property with a dam.


Source: http://bit.ly/1EuzVAU

It’s important to note that a dam is excluded from the scope of our inspection, but we would generally suggest you consider the following factors during planned inspections at least four times a year:

  • A layer of topsoil on the bank of the dam to a depth of 150mm is critical to maintaining vegetation on the bank edge.
  • Vegetative cover should be only low growing plants as the root systems of larger plants will drive into the core of the dam wall and potentially dry it out and create seepage.
  • Control any damage by stock or pest like rabbits, consider using short lengths of fencing to deflect stock as needed and rabbits well – annie get a gun.
  • Rilling (crevices or ridges in the bank edge) should be packed with earth sods to even these out
  • Settlement over about 5% of bank height is to be expected but if its poorly compated the bank heights may settle further, watch out for this.
  • Slumping may also occur where cracks along the length of the wall may result in collapse or slump.  Its generally due to poor compaction, excessive seepage or a bank that is too steep.
  • Look for wet spots at the wall of ‘toe’ (bottom back edge) of the bank as this may indicate seepage, if you don’t get onto these they can turn into tunnels.

Over time you will also need to manage the Spillway, the Water Body itself for things like algae growth and the Catchment source.

When buying a property that includes a dam you should always make an effort to educate yourself about the maintenance and management of dams to ensure their value is maintained over time and they fulfil the intended purpose.

The Agriculture Department of any State Government produces guides.
The content of this guide is from: http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/agriculture/farm-management/managing-dams/maintaining-your-farm-dam

For more information on this Bullsbrook home, go to: http://www.domain.com.au/for-sale/72-gibbard-place-bullsbrook-wa-6084-2011843481

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Feature Image Source: http://www.domain.com.au/for-sale/72-gibbard-place-bullsbrook-wa-6084-2011843481


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