9 Leatherwood Lane, Black Mountain QLD 4563

Jim’s Sunshine Coast based Building Inspectors recently prepared a building inspection report on this property in Black Mountain, Queensland.

Black Mountain is characterised by semi rural properties.  Often on properties like these, especially those developed in the eighties and early nineties you will find concrete water tanks still in service.

When buying a semi rural property its always useful to consider the age and condition of water tanks like these as part of the purchase process especially when they may be coming up on needing major maintenance or replacement.

The Australian Government Health website has a good resource that points to some of the other issues involved in effective ongoing maintenance of water tanks to ensure that the water source is reliable and healthy if used as potable drinking water.  Any new home buyer in the Sunshine Coast should always undertake to inform themselves about the ongoing maintenance involved when buying a home that has a water tank.

The issues range from:

  • Dealing with leaks and cracks
  • Pumping equipment and maintenance of the supply network
  • Preventing mosquito breeding and frog infestations
  • Potential water contamination sources (including faecal contamination from stock and or human access)
  • Keeping overhanging branches and more away from the water source
  • Dealing with mould and fungal issues
  • Preventing potential access that may lead to drowning

If the tank is within 30m of the main property it may be included by your inspector in the building inspection report.  However always check and remember that the condition of the pumping equipment and the electrical supply would always be excluded unless you specifically request the plumbing be inspected.

For more information and guidence on the use of rainwater tanks, you can download this pdf file.

For more information on this Black Mountain home, go to: http://countrysidenoosa.com.au/property/9-leatherwood-lane-black-mountain-qld-4563/

To buy and download a copy of the Building Inspection Report available now on this home CLICK HERE.

When you buy this Building Inspection Report online you also get personal phone access to our Sunshine Coast Building Inspector Rob, who can discuss the building report findings with you in more detail.


Image Source: http://countrysidenoosa.com.au/property/9-leatherwood-lane-black-mountain-qld-4563/


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