“Legoe House” is situated in the Adelaide suburb of Semaphore just a short one minute walk from the magnificent beachfront.

This property is Steeped in Semaphore’s history, built by prominent Sea Captain John Legoe (c. 1865) and has been extensively renovated over recent years.

When carrying out building inspections on federation era homes there are certainly several things that we are wary of. These include:

  • Rising damp
  • Condition of any original items including brick/stonework, roofing, ceilings
  • Extent of upgrades to electrical and plumbing

Conducting a building inspection on federation homes is always a challenge and very interesting.  The challenge arises  due to the fact Federation era Buildings in Adelaide were often renovated around the 70’s and contemporary buyers, as well as our Building Inspectors, are often faced with the challenge of original late 1800’s to early 1900’s construction methods combined with renovations and extensions reminiscent of the lurid 1970’s.

In this case however it appears that much of the extension was completed in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

Many defects we find in homes of this vintage are to be expected and are part of the ‘charm’ of a heritage home.

Buying a Federation era home should not be avoided due to the defects found but buying a federation home aware of the risks, costs, challenges and requirement for replacement and maintenance is a far better position to be in.

For more information on the beautiful Legoe House, you can view the listing and contact Ray White Real Semaphore at the following: http://raywhitesemaphore.com.au/sa/semaphore/1352802/

To buy and download a copy of the Building  Inspection Report available now on this home CLICK HERE.

When you buy this Building Inspection Report on line you also get personal phone access to our Prospect, SA  Building Consultant Andrew, who can discuss the building report findings with you in more detail.


Image Source: http://raywhitesemaphore.com.au/sa/semaphore/1352802/


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