Rental Safety Inspections

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Rental Safety Inspections

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Why do you need a Rental Safety Inspection?

Our rental safety inspection reports provide a level of protection for landlords that reduce the risk of litigation, as well as protecting the tenants from potential personal injury and harm.

Getting a property safety inspection will help you:

  • Put an expert in your corner
  • Reduce the risk for both landlord and tenant
  • Ensure that the property is safe and ready to be occupied

Potential safety hazards, particularly within older homes can be numerous, yet easily missed by the landlord or tenant.
At Jim’s Building Inspections, our fully qualified building inspectors will perform a detailed visual inspection of the property, citing safety hazards that potentially put the occupants in immediate danger.

Safety hazards can have a wide variety of causes, including substandard workmanship, poor levels of maintenance, faulty appliances or damaged/missing building elements.



A recent NSW court decision will push investors and rental agents to take a closer look at safety in their properties after more than $840,000 was awarded to a tenant injured by broken glass.

– Source: 

Rental Safety Inspections  look at  potential safety hazards, including:

  • Asbestos
  • Electrical and fire hazards
  • Gas and heating hazards
  • Trip, slip and fall hazards
  • Structural hazards
  • Moisture and mould hazards

We Have 3 Packages for Rental Safety Inspections:

Safe2Rent Inspection

  • Full safety hazard report
  • Visual asbestos assessment
Safe2Rent + Smoke Alarms

  • Full safety hazard report
  • Visual asbestos assessment
  • Smoke alarm inspection and testing

Safe2Rent + Smoke Alarms + Pool Fencing
  • Full safety hazard report
  • Visual asbestos assessment
  • Smoke alarm inspection and testing
  • Assessment of pool fence safety and compliance

More on Asbestos Inspections

Included in a rental safety inspection report is a visual asbestos inspection. Asbestos containing materials still exists extensively in properties, and may present health hazards if damaged or deteriorated.

Jim’s Building Inspectors can conduct an Asbestos Identification Inspection including the removal of samples for lab analysis . See our Asbestos page for more information.

More on Pool Fence Inspections

Pool fencing regulations have been heavily scrutinized in recent years and as a consequence are becoming more strictly enforced. Have your pool area checked for compliance with Australian Standards to ensure that the area is safe for all ages.

More on Smoke Detector and Alarm Inspections

Faulty smoke detectors and alarms not only put property occupants at risk, but may lead to the property not complying with Australian and State-based laws. An inspection of all smoke alarms within the property will ensure functionality and compliance with all standards, for landlord and tenant peace of mind.

Additonal Information for Landlords

Australian law – In order to determine DUTY OF CARE, the courts will consider the following:

  1. The presence of dangerous defects
  2. Did the landlord take reasonable care to ascertain dangerous defects
  3. Did the landlord exercise reasonable care to remove dangerous defects or otherwise make the premises safe.


A Melbourne man who sustained serious injuries when the balustrade of a balcony collapsed at his rental premises in Frankston South, has received a $300,000 compensation payment.

– Source: Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

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  • "Engaging Jim's was the decision that saved me from total ruin...My home renovation was turning into a nightmare due to slow and defective work by my builder & I would not have not known how serious the issues were had I not had a professional inspection done."

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