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Are you a vendor seeking ways to accelerate your home sale?


Reports from pre-sale inspections, also called vendor inspections and pre auction inspections are the same reports prospective purchasers receive, except that the vendor or agent has access to these building inspection reports and their findings prior to sale.

We will then make these reports available to all parties interested in your property on our eBuy Reports page.   We will provide you and your estate agent with resources to help market the report as one of a number of strategies that can help you control the sale process.

Pre-Sale Inspections Protect You in Negotiations

Getting a pre-sale inspection that includes at least the major construction aspects of your home, before putting your home on the market, gives you a valuable tool in setting the sale price of your home. It’s entirely possible your home has issues you’re not aware of including non-compliant renovations, building defects, or faulty internal systems like plumbing.

Don’t risk having your sale derailed by the discovery of unknown problems. Many of our regular clients, who engage us to complete pre-purchase inspections, are able to negotiate thousands off the price of their new home due to the defects we identify.

Ensure you are on the front foot; position yourself to make any planned repairs before placing your home on the market.

Pre-Sale Inspections Give Buyers Peace of Mind

Give buyers peace of mind, direct them to our eBuy Reports page so they can immediately buy and download detailed information to reassure them when placing an offer on your property.

Downloaded via eBuy Reports, the purchaser receives full professional indemnity insurance coverage.

Quick, simple, peace of mind.


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What others are saying

  • "I asked Robert for a second opinion, he showed that my heating ducts had not been put back and I was simply heating the soil under the house!"

    Jun 21, 2014 by Sue Le LievreInspector: Jim's Building Inspections (Brighton, VIC)
  • "It was my first time building a new house and I have had issues with my builder throughout the process, but Richards’s inspection on the day, report of defects and general discussions have given me the peace of mind I needed. "

    Mar 23, 2014 by Tim BurtonInspector: Jim's Building Inspections (Lockleys, SA)
  • "Just a note to emphasise the great work and report delivered by Jack at our property in Boolarra, Victoria. "

    May 01, 2014 by Joseph O'KaneInspector: Jim’s Building Inspections (Pakenham)
  • "I was so impressed with the way Andrew responded to me and assisted at short notice.  I was amazed at the report  that Andrew had presented to me after doing a pre-handover on my new home.I would not have picked up on half the things that Andrew did.It was money well spent and would recommend  Andrew to anyone."

    June 27, 2015 by Angela SpargoInspector: Jim's Building Inspections (Adelaide, SA)
  • "I was present for the inspection; he explained any issues and the likely causes and who to contact to resolve the issues. Richard's report helped us renegotiate the purchase price."

    Jun 12, 2014 by LeighInspector Jim’s Building Inspections (Lockleys, SA)
  • "I would recommend Graeme to my friends if they needed a building report. "

    Apr 29, 2014 by G. BayleyInspector: Jim’s Building Inspections (Geelong, VIC)