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$150 gift voucher available for Golden Grove SA customers*

Matt Barnes and Nicki Halford are the Franchise Principals at Aussie Golden Grove. Our team brings together a wealth of lending, banking and management experience that will help you to understand the value of making your money work hard for you now and in the future in order to help you achieve your dreams and goals. Most importantly, we are here for you.

If you are thinking of anything to do with your finance – be it buying for the first time, refinancing your existing lending, investing or just reviewing your current set up, Aussie Golden Grove can do it for you. With over 17 different lenders and with our wealth of experience, we can save you time, money and, most importantly, take the stress out of the process by reviewing your options for you – and our service is at no obligation and absolutely at no cost!

So how can we help?

We can save you time and, most importantly, money!

Researching different lenders and loans takes time, and a lot of it. At Aussie Golden Grove we do the shopping around for you and can compare up to 17 different lenders and loans on their panel in minutes, AND explain the differences to you.

In today’s busy society it can be hard getting time to do the important things, like get to your bank to talk about home loans. Aussie Golden Grove is available in and outside of office hours and on weekends. Our family friendly office is conveniently located but we can meet you at a time and place convenient to you, saving you travel time.


We compare apples with apples, (to save you time and money!)

Every lender and loan is unique with different fees, charges, options and features. We will explain and help you compare like for like to ensure you’re getting the right deal for you.

We have the inside knowledge on important things such as each lenders actual  lending processes; application approval times if you’re working to a tight timeframe; which lenders will negotiate or potentially offer discounts below their advertised rates; and much, much more!


We do the paperwork, (to save you time, and money!)

We will guide you through the application process including helping you complete all the paperwork, from pre-approval to settlement. All you need to do is provide us with your proof of ID, income and expenses and other supporting material and we’ll do the rest, saving some of the stress.


We are your one stop shop (to save you time, and money!)

We are the one stop shop! In your particular transaction there may be several conveyancers, real estate agents, valuation companies, banks, vendors and purchasers all involved – and we are here to help with them all. Buying property and getting a home loan can be a confusing and a stressful process but not with Aussie Golden Grove. We are involved every step of the way, and liaise with other parties so you don’t need to play the middle man. This will alleviate the burden and save you time!


Best of all – no cost to you!

Did we mention that our service to you is at no cost?

In a recent Aussie survey, we found out that three in five (61%) home buyers think getting a home loan through a mortgage broker will cost them more because of the commission mortgage brokers get paid. This is absolutely not the case. Aussie Golden Grove doesn’t charge you for our time and there is no additional cost for utilizing our services. It is not added to your loan or paid by you in any way, and it doesn’t affect the interest rate or fees you pay for your mortgage – in fact you will get your personally tailored best available mortgage in the market by letting us compare all of the lenders for you!


So put us to the Test!

The team at Aussie Golden Grove would love to help you save time and money – Call us and book an appointment. Mention this article and we’ll give you $150 gift voucher when your loan settles.

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*Mention this article and Aussie Golden Grove will give you $150 gift voucher when your loan settles through them.


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