Common problems found during building inspections

Roof leak Sydney

Here is just a handful of photos from some recent building inspections in Sydney NSW supplied by Chris in Casula and Charlie in the Hills District.

We find a range of common problems including:
Damp conditions at the base of homes created by faulty or failing storm water plumbing and drainage.

Perfect timber pest and termite environments being cultivated right beneath your feet. This timber is both a food source for termites and its position in ground contact – and that it is damp … it’s termite heaven!

Many issues stem simply from a lack of maintenance but this can be catastrophic in severe weather events whether that’s creating a conducive environment for bushfires or dealing with simply roof leaks through to localised flooding during severe storms.






Wood rot is one of the most common situations discovered in the south eastern states. Water and wood are not the best of mates. However deciding whether it’s a maintenance issue or a structural problem can be confusing.


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